Do it for Campbell now boys


Holy Shit.

Sorry Canada

I can’t believe that just happened. Thank god there’s more Bruins playoff hockey to be played. Fuckin love Bergeron.

They Call Him Krejci!

BJyRNwOCEAEROom.jpg-largeSolid game. Tuukka was unbelievable. and David Fackin Krejči with a hat trick. Hopefully this gets closed out in 5. LET’S GO BRUINS!


Playawff Hawkey Kehd

Leafs vs. B’s tonight

Playoff hockey’s so good, they used it as a back drop for a Van Damme movie!

jean claude van damme sudden death


Obviously I’m amped up for the Bruins playoffs. What a weird season it’s been with the lockout and not playing the West at all. And how the B’s started off so hot, and lately haven’t been doing much right, other than winning fights. Still, I think they should take the Leafs in 6. I’m going with Noseface to score the game-winner tonight.


And now for those hilarious Bear commercials:

Obey the Restroom Code

Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?

Don’t Date Within the Division

Never Leave Early to Beat Traffic


P.S. I’ll also be switching back and forth with the Bruins and the Celtics who are also in the playoffs. I don’t know why so many people around here go for one or the another. What is this fake competition fans around here created between Hockey and Basketball?  I frickin love Boston sports kehd! I’d even hit a Revs game . . . if someone else pays. . . But anyways the C’s might have a chance tonight at least if the refs help them, which is a possibility. More games in the series makes Daniel Stern more money so it could happen. Could be the end of an era tho . . .

All Things Boston



Little Kid: “Why hasn’t she signed my cast yet!?! (pouty face)”

Scal Stretch

KG Melo

Drew Carey

Papi & Youk

Paul Pierce Olympic Team


Young Brady

Young Belichick. Not so Evil yet.

Young Belichick. Not so Evil yet.



yes i know Ray’s on the heat. still a sweet pic



Danny O'Connor & some Ice Girls

Pixies rockin sox gear


Alexandra Raisman of the U.S. competes in the women's gymnastics balance beam final at the London 2012 Olympic Games

B. Lloyd



Tom & Giselle


this one's from barstool

this one’s from barstool