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Jawbreaker – Save Your Generation

They toured with Nirvana



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If you’re wondering, yes it does indeed come out shitty. Some day. Some day . . . .

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Led Zeppelin live in Denmark 1969

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Local Showcase: Ted Billings

Boston, MA

Indie Rock

American Bedrooms

Local guitarist/singer/songwriter Ted Billings added the title of producer to the list with his new self-produced solo album AMERICAN BEDROOMS. Ted’s previous projects include the  punk-ifluenced alternative rock band Slater, and indie rock bands Hot Protestants and Age Rings. The solo album AMERICAN BEDROOMS is some more solid American Indie Rock folks, available here for a free listen or  download it for 8 bucks.

Tracks that stick out to me are:

Check it it out!


American Bedrooms

Chris Farley


Saturday Night Live – Schillervision Hidden Camera

Decaffeinated Coffee Crystals

The Privilege of Absurdity…

…to which no creature is subject, but man only.”

the valley

Across the Universe




Taran Bobby Gangnam

Sloppy Swish

Easter Bunny


Charlie - Denim

Sweet Dee

Horatio - Boardwalk


Salvador Dali 5



Top 40 Hit Take 21

12 / 12 / 12 Sandy Relief Concert

This thing was awesome. Who put it together? Tell me if you find out. I commend them for it. I think Roger Waters (and company) stole the show in my opinion. Quite the good line up for the whole night though. Clapton, the Who, McCartney, Grohl. Awesome.




Sandler was funny too.


Here’s all of Roger Waters’ Performance  and Paul McCartney’s Performance on youtube (for now, who knows right? get it while its hot). And here’s All of Part 1 

Paul McCartney & Nirvana – Cut Me Some Slack


Paul Mccartney and former Nirvana members / current Foo Fighters Dave Grohl, Pat Smear, and Krist Noveselic (nirvana only) perform their own original track “Cut Me Some Slack” at the 12-12-12 Sandy Relief Concert.

Admittedly, even if this song would have been bad, I wouldn’t admit it and I would say its awesome out of my extreme love for The Beatles, Nirvana, and Foo Fighters. But this song fucking rocks I tell you! Job well done lads.



Top 40 Hit Take 20

12 / 12 / 12 Concert for Sandy Relief

Possible Nirvana reunion? Impossible! Kurt’s dead, and no living person could live up to the hype of filling in as Kurt to play Nirvana songs with living members Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselic, and Pat Smear. I mean unless it was a surviving Beatle. . . .

Paul McCartney & Dave Grohl. Getty Images.

Paul McCartney & Dave Grohl. Getty Images.

Pitchfork reports on the possibility of McCartney performing with surviving members of Nirvana, standing in for late singer Kurt Cobain. If that happens, it will be the first time drummer Dave Grohl and bass player Krist Novoselic have performed Nirvana songs together in almost two decades. – Detroit Free Press

This would be unreal. Tonight, at Madison Square Garden, the “12/12/12 Sandy Relief Concert” includes Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, The Who, Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Chris Martin, & others. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, a Nirvana performance with Sir Paul McCartney singing sounds sofa king cool to me. I can’t wait, and I hope its true. Regardless, Grohl and McCartney will be performing somethin in one way or another. If you’re lucky like me to have Paladia, tonight live at 7:30, channel 828, tune in.

Jeff Beck. He’s Good.


^Beatles Cover

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