Muse & Biffy Clyro 4/12 @ the Gahden

So guess what I’m doing tonight. . .

Muse Live


Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro

Not quite Wembely Stadium, but the TD Garden will do. Some exhilaratingly brilliant live Rock Music from two power trios. Some Brits and some Scots invading the gahden kehd, I’m friggin pysched. I’ll document the night and post it, that is, if I remember to do so. beahs tend to interfere with my picture taking and such.

12 / 12 / 12 Concert for Sandy Relief

Possible Nirvana reunion? Impossible! Kurt’s dead, and no living person could live up to the hype of filling in as Kurt to play Nirvana songs with living members Dave Grohl, Krist Novaselic, and Pat Smear. I mean unless it was a surviving Beatle. . . .

Paul McCartney & Dave Grohl. Getty Images.

Paul McCartney & Dave Grohl. Getty Images.

Pitchfork reports on the possibility of McCartney performing with surviving members of Nirvana, standing in for late singer Kurt Cobain. If that happens, it will be the first time drummer Dave Grohl and bass player Krist Novoselic have performed Nirvana songs together in almost two decades. – Detroit Free Press

This would be unreal. Tonight, at Madison Square Garden, the “12/12/12 Sandy Relief Concert” includes Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, The Who, Eddie Vedder, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Chris Martin, & others. Though it hasn’t been confirmed, a Nirvana performance with Sir Paul McCartney singing sounds sofa king cool to me. I can’t wait, and I hope its true. Regardless, Grohl and McCartney will be performing somethin in one way or another. If you’re lucky like me to have Paladia, tonight live at 7:30, channel 828, tune in.

Global Showcase: Alabama Shakes

From Athens, Alabama

Chances are you heard the single Hold On” and got it severely stuck in your head at some point this summer. I admit, I heard the single, liked it, but I didn’t look the band up at all. I just figured it was another good summer song on the radio, and didn’t look into the Alabama Shakes at all. Then I heard I Found You” and Hang Loose” which along with “Hold On” are on their debut album Boys and Girls.” 

This band is here to stay. Quite the original blend of alternative / neo-soul / blues-rock. They have this throwback quality about them that I love. That motown sheeeaat nawmsayin? Lead singer Brittany Howard is damn good. So check ’em out.

Alabama Shakes






Global Showcase: The Whigs


From Athens, Georgia

The Whigs new album “Enjoy The Company” dropped in September and they still gaht it guy. And they’re still on the up. All four of their albums differ from each other in all around sound and style, but they all manage to be solid rock albums. “Enjoy The Company” sticks to their theme of constant evolution as a band and incorporation of all types of rock genres, mainly Alternative, Southern, Indie, and Dance Rock. It’s also a step in a positive direction from their last album. Get familiar.

Enjoy The Company 2012

 Gems: Waiting, Staying Alive, Tiny Treasures

In The Dark 2010

Gems: Black Lotus, Kill Me Carolyne, So Lonely

Mission Control 2008

Gems: Right Hand On My Heart, Like a Vibration, I Got Ideas

Give ‘Em All a Big Fat Lip 2005

Gems: Give ‘Em All a Big Fat Lip, Violent Furs, Nothing Is Easy


Global Showcase: The Joy Formidable

Ritzy Bryan of The Joy Formidable recording in Maine.


From Wales.

Back in March 2012 my friend and I were standing and drinking PBR tall boys in the Front Lounge at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA, when out from a staff only door came two mammoth body guards, escorting a tiny blonde woman dressed in black, with a guitar, to the main stage. It was The Joy Formidable‘s singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan. Tiny, yet she packs a big punch. Quite the badass. I’m pretty sure she smashed two guitars to pieces off a gong throughout the show.

They absolutely rocked the Paradise Rock Club. One of the best live shows I’ve ever been to. Maybe the intimate setting of the @ParadiseRockClb helped,  but they impressed the shit outta me. Every song was good, and they absolutely rock out and extend songs whenever they damn well please. Ritzy and bassist/singer Rhydian Dafydd obviously have a unique chemistry, and it shows in their performances and song-writing. They give off a very real, passionate, and down to earth vibe. I was most impressed by drummer Matt Thomas ‘ skill and stamina. Dude’s a beast. Incredible.

No release date yet for their new album “Wolf’s Law” but 2011’s “The Big Roar” is awesome from beginning to end, so get excited. They closed with Whirring when I saw them. Must watch. Also, Buoy is my favorite.






Global Showcase: Quicksand

From New York. With a bit of short-lived success in the ’90s, reunited Quicksand still absolutely rock.


Click to watch Quicksand perform “Fazer” live on Jimmy Fallon

Global Showcase: Chavez

from New York. They Rock.