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Little girl’s a pro.

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Nikka’s Box

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Rare and Trippy collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí

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Can We Talk Eminem’s “List” Real Quick?

I got a list here’s the order of my list that it’s in. It goes,

Reggie, Jay-Z, Tupac & Biggie, Andre from OutKast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas & then me.

One of the greatest hip hop songs of all time “Til I Collapse” from one of the greatest hip hop albums of all time, The Eminem Show, in which Eminem shouts out to several rappers that he deems to be some of the greatest of all time. How modest of you Slim, putting several rappers ahead of you on your best rappers list. But what was he talkin about?


Sorry nope. Not in the Top Ten of all time, dead or alive. Not even the Top Twenty. Its funny to me that Em likes him. Its out of nowhere if you ask me.


Though Kurupt isn’t bad at all, he’s not even the best rapper in Tha Dogg Pound. I’d put Daz and Snoop ahead of him if the three of them were on my list, but they’re not. I get that Em likes him though. Decent flow, overt misogyny, comical vulgarity, that’s Slim Shady‘s bread & butter. Still a little odd to me that Em gave him such props.

Reggie “Redman” Noble

I love Redman. He is severely underrated, and obviously an influence on Eminem so this one makes sense. The only thing is, how can you shout out to Redman and not Method Man? And I think Eminem is actually better than Redman, but ya gotta give props to those who pave the way for ya. Like Pink Floyd wouldn’t just come out and admit they’re better than The Beatles ya know?

Keep in mind this song is from 2002. The hip-hop scene was much healthier, and you couldn’t foresee the differences in longevity and relevance of all these guys’ careers, but I wonder how much credit Andre 3000 still deserves on everyone’s best rappers of all time list. I’d say he is one of the Top Ten best rappers of all time, but at this point, in 2012 with Nas droppin Life is Good, and Andre leaving hip hop for acting, there’s like no question you have to reward Nas for his hunger in the game. You also gotta feel for Big Boi always gettin overlooked, while he’s still droppin new stuff in 2012.

Biggie and Pac. Forever linked. Such different styles too. But I think its pretty safe to say both of their positions on our lists of greatest rappers of all time are a bit overhyped due to their murders. But Eminem is clearly heavily influenced by both of them, so ya gotta give them props.

Jay-Z is slightly overrated, but you can completely understand why Em would put Jay ahead of him on his list. Nas being 2nd to last on the list has me wondering if he was just spittin them in no particular order. Fuck if I know right? All I’m sayin is that it’s a bit crazy to put Jada and Kurupt on this list, but I guess he likes them so whatever. Here’s my list (as if anyone cares).

10. Tupac

9.  Andre 3000

8. Biggie

7. Jay-Z

6. Q-Tip

5. Method Man

4. Mos Def

3. Black Thought

2. Eminem

1. Nas

Its hands down Nas for me. Its all opinion I know. Best to ever do it, Nas, unequivocally, Nasir Jones, Best Rapper of All Time.

Throwback Jam: Deion Sanders

I wish I was older to better remember the hilarity that was the 1990s. Chris Webber was rapping. Shaq was rapping and playing a 5000 year old magical genie. Everyone was dancing like TLC in the ‘Waterfalls’ video. Every athlete thought they could rap. How about you Deion? Can you rap? “Naaah, I can Saaaang”

Hilarious, awful, garbage.


This Day in Rock: Queen


November 24, 1991, Freddie Mercury of Queen died. R.I.P. Who doesn’t like Queen?


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NFL Week 11 Picks

Cowboys over the Browns

Buccaneers over the Panthers

Bengals over the Chiefs

Packers over the Lions

Texans over the Jaguars

Jets over the Rams

Redskins over the Eagles

Falcons over the Cardinals

Saints over the Raiders

Broncos over the Chargers

Patriots over the Colts

Ravens over the Steelers

Bears over the 49ers

I had the Dolphins over the Bills, damn ‘fins let me down. Allow me to elaborate on the Jets real quick. I have them beating the Rams this week, only because the Rams are awful. I hate the media coverage of the Jets, even if they are highlighting their woes. Cuz watch, if they beat the Rams, they’ll dub it as “the turn around point” this season for the Jets. Just an “update league” its so annoying. All the media/analysts have the shortest memories, its bizarre. Both the Jets and Rams suck is what i’m saying. A win doesn’t mean anything for either team.

Pats Prediction: Pats 38 – Colts 31

Top 40 Hit Take 18

Bloodhound Gang – Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

put the you know what, in the you know where.

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Quincy Mass’ own, 

Porque I Said So

Phoenix Jones is an Idiot

Seattle, WA

Vigilante “crime-fighter” Phoenix Jones is the leader of the “Rain City Superhero Movement,” and a complete waste of space. Phoenix Jones, or Benjamin John Francis Fodor, is trained in MMA, and he goes around the looking for “suspects,” and basically just challenges them to fights to prove his physical prowess in the octagon, or the previously violence free Seattle sidewalks rather.

Fast forward to AT LEAST the 6:00 mark. Not much to see, Lots to discuss tho.

So 3 drunk imbeciles saw a LOSER dressed as a Superhero, with his LOSER posse of less-super-heroes in cheap, shitty, makeshift costumes, and started talking shit. Turns out, Loser #1, Phoenix Jones can fight, and rocks one of the drunk antagonists. I have so very many bones to pick with this whole incident. 

  1.  The Cop – are you serious guy? just take control of the situation, they’re all civilians, disturbing the peace. Call for back up and lock ’em all up. The 3 drunken clowns, and the “superheroes”, everyone. Especially the superheroes! At least launch some tear gas at this nitwits.
  2. the “Mutual Combat” law in the State of Washington. This law allowing 2 guys to fight in WA if they both agree to it? are you serious? that was the only thing preventing The Cop from masing all these dumbasses from the get go.
  3. Phoenix Jones’ Kicks – you’re trained in MMA guy, and you Immediately resort to kicks, in a street fight, with a drunken scrub? Grow a pair and stick to the octagon with some actual competition.
  4. The Rain City Superhero Movement – Based on the fact that one of Seattle’s finest spent much of his night watching a fake superhero fight a drunken idiot, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Seattle’s streets are safe enough, you guys. A little counter-productive for a group of “crime-fighters” to cause probably the only display of violence in the streets that night. You really wanna fight crime, why don’t u take ur movement to Oakland, Detroit, or Baltimore, where REAL violent crimes occur. Idiots.
  5. The Camera Guy – He keeps calling the drunken bums, “suspects.” If it weren’t for that fucking “Mutual Combat” law, those Idiots would be suspects too. Idiots. Fackin Seattle, wow.
  6. The Drunken “Suspects” – if you’re gonna harass a group of loser superheroes, at least finish what you started and jump Phoenix Jones. I mean, you know his posse ain’t gonna do shit. They shoulda stomped his ass. Losers the lot of them.

Hashtag Hipster Nonsense

Hipster Nonsense

I am a whiny old man. The internet is filled with enough complainers, but I think I get more joy complaining about #HipsterNonsense than any other thing I could possibly complain about. What is wrong with these people? Like its 85 degrees, in July, in a church, why the beanie bro? They also can’t get enough scarfs huh?

Cold, Lonely Hipster

Ok fashion aside, since I typically dress like a 38 year old dad lookin to go rake some leaves on a Sundee, its the whole fuckin hipster mentality that gets to me. NO WAY BRO, YOU LIVE IN BROOKLYN? YOU LIVE IN CAMBRIDGE? THAT’S SO COOL! ARE YOU FROM THERE? No, I moved there in pursuit of my hipster dreams. At least “hippies” from the 60s were literally just homeless nitwits stuck on acid. This hipster movement is smug, and douchey.

Here’s a list of what Hipsters Love:

  • Bob Dylan – A somewhat irrational notion that Bob Dylan was the greatest man who ever lived.
  • EDM – Though Dylan is their God, these people somehow still get down with robot farts.
  • Non-corrective lenses – that one’s obvious.
  • Mustaches
  • The Cheapest, Shittiest brands of cigarettes they can find – cuz Mahbs are too main stream.
  • Absurd Micro-Brews – and WE’RE the dicks if we’ve neva heard of ’em

But most of all, they love emitting a wry, unwarranted sense of entitlement as if they think, “I dress this way, and like this stuff, so therefore, you must assume I am smart.”

So Folks, I encourage you, if ur ever irked by a smug hipster, who talked down to you outside a bar or starbucks in his (or her. . ?) stupid condescending hipster tone, tweet about it #HipsterNonsense. And give me credit. Cuz I totally didn’t subconsciously steal the term from Tina Fey in an episode of 30 Rock.


New Deftones Ain’t Half Bad

I’ve always liked Deftones. And compared to most new rock albums coming out in 2012, I’m gonna assume “Ko Noi Yokan” is definitely worth getting. I’ll let you know once I get it.

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