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Little Kid: “Why hasn’t she signed my cast yet!?! (pouty face)”

Scal Stretch

KG Melo

Drew Carey

Papi & Youk

Paul Pierce Olympic Team


Young Brady

Young Belichick. Not so Evil yet.

Young Belichick. Not so Evil yet.



yes i know Ray’s on the heat. still a sweet pic



Danny O'Connor & some Ice Girls

Pixies rockin sox gear


Alexandra Raisman of the U.S. competes in the women's gymnastics balance beam final at the London 2012 Olympic Games

B. Lloyd



Tom & Giselle


this one's from barstool

this one’s from barstool


Football (Grunt) More Football!

Game one: hmmm.

I guess i’m going with Seattle here. Haven’t lined up the x’s and o’s or anything, just goin by gut instinct. They’re on a roll, and this beast, is a strong, fast, and angry man.


Prediction: Seattle 31 Atlanta 24

I’m chillin at home in my patriots gear currently sooo. . .

As his Lordship Belichick would say, “Just do your job.” Translation: “Don’t fuck up! Handle your shit!”

and That the Patriots will

Prediction: Patriots 38 Texans 30

Turkey Brady

HE’s eatin. . . Tom’s eatin . . .



NFL Week 11 Picks

Cowboys over the Browns

Buccaneers over the Panthers

Bengals over the Chiefs

Packers over the Lions

Texans over the Jaguars

Jets over the Rams

Redskins over the Eagles

Falcons over the Cardinals

Saints over the Raiders

Broncos over the Chargers

Patriots over the Colts

Ravens over the Steelers

Bears over the 49ers

I had the Dolphins over the Bills, damn ‘fins let me down. Allow me to elaborate on the Jets real quick. I have them beating the Rams this week, only because the Rams are awful. I hate the media coverage of the Jets, even if they are highlighting their woes. Cuz watch, if they beat the Rams, they’ll dub it as “the turn around point” this season for the Jets. Just an “update league” its so annoying. All the media/analysts have the shortest memories, its bizarre. Both the Jets and Rams suck is what i’m saying. A win doesn’t mean anything for either team.

Pats Prediction: Pats 38 – Colts 31

Can We Talk ‘Hipster Brady’ Real Quick?

Jerod Mayo, the Krafts, & His Holyness

What are you doing now Tom? I’m under the philosophy that Thomas can dress however the hell he wants. As a giddy Brazilian school girl, like James Bond, or just with Ugz, or Goats, whatever. He’s Tom Fucking Brady. But I like to poke fun, and I wonder what you guys think about Hipster Brady. Also, as cliche as it is, Steve Tyler really does look like an old lady.

Mayo, Brady, Bob Kraft, Old Hag, Jon Kraft

Here’s why he can do what he wants.

3 Superbowl Rings

2x AP NFL MVP (2010 as the 1st unanimously chosen)

2x Superbowl MVP

AP Male Athlete of the Year (’07)

7x ProBowler

Cuz he’s a fuckin stud that’s why


Tom “God” Brady.

Just Another AFC Player of the Week Award for Tom “God” Brady, tied for most ever with 22, NBD.

Patriots Recap from the Nosebleeds

Absolutely perfect day for football. Lovely New England foliage, grilled meats, Pats vs. Jets, & Beahs.

only a few rows from the absolute top

Tebow leading a post-game prayer for both sides? I think?


Stupid Jets Fan

I felt more joy from this Nitwit finally shutting up than from the actual win itself. He’s lucky the Pats won. Lubed up fans around him were gettin pissed. Wear your jets jersey to Gillette, sure. But then just sit down and shut up.

PATS WIN! 29-26 (OT)


Kevin Faulk is That Dude.

Kevin Faulk officially retired today. All 13 seasons with New England. He’s the All-time All Purpose Yards leader for the Franchise with 12,349. My Dude. As a short SOB myself, needless to say I idolized Faulk as an undersized and underrated NFL RB. Half of the videos that pop up of him on youtube are him getting ROCKED by a safety when he was defenseless. This highlight reel does him some justice though.

Faulk epitomized the Belichickian football philosophy. Put the team first, lead by example, do whatever they ask you to do. He was an ill Blocker/Punt-Returner/3rdDownBack/ReceivingBack you name it. He’s up there with Brady, Bruschi, Brown, Law, & Wilfork on my favorite Patriots of all time list. Thank you Kevin Faulk, Pats fans everywhere pay homage!