On My Playlist: Elliott Smith – Pretty (Ugly Before)


On My Playlist: Smashing Pumpkins – Come On (Let’s Go)

The main riff is just amazing. Perfect song.

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Tik Tok – Accordion

Check out some Local Alternative Rock from Tik Tok live at the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy, MA

Download Tik Tok‘s Debut Album here -> Draw Some Monsters <- CLiCK

Pixies Project

A Visual History of the Pixies as a hard cover coffee table book with tons of rare photos and stories behind them is in the works.

Pledge some loot to this Kickstarter and you can get some cool stuff in return. Check it out.


I may be a little biased since the band formed at UMASS Amherst and in Boston, but I friggin love this band!

On My Playlist: Foo Fighters – Good Grief



On My Playlist: Soundgarden – Rhinosaur

On My Playlist: Pink Floyd – In The Flesh?

On My Playlist: Everclear – Strawberry

On My Playlist: Surfer Blood – Swim

On My Playlist: Weezer – El Scorcho

searched and searched for a gif of Johnny Grunge leg-dropping New Jack through a press table, but no success. So please do share if you ever come across one.

On My Playlist: Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Still Feeling Super Patriotic

From April 12th, 2013, Matthew Bellamy of Muse played the Star Spangled Banner at the TD Garden in Boston. I was there, 3 Days before the bombings, and the crowd loved it, as if it were after. Very cool gesture by that British man.


London Marathon. source: Buzzfeed.

London Marathon. source: Buzzfeed.

Sox OF Johnny Gomes customized bat. source: Buzzfeed

Red Sox OF Johnny Gomes customized bat. source: Buzzfeed

Keither Yandle, from Milton, MA

Coyotes Defenseman Keith Yandle, from Milton, MA, and his tribute warm-up jersey. source: CBS Sports





Never Alone, the city streets are where we roam, Never Alone, this is Boston it’s our home.


On My Playlist: Radiohead – My Iron Lung

Love for Boston

Some words of love for Boston from some bands/musicians/athletes etc. on the Twittersphere and Facebook.


I love seeing love from NY and the Chi. I heard the Police Commissioner say in a presser that Boston has been offered services by Law Enforcement from Baltimore, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. So that’s awesome. Thanks to all those who help others, anywhere, ever. One Love.

Muse & Biffy Clyro 4/12 @ the Gahden

So guess what I’m doing tonight. . .

Muse Live


Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro

Not quite Wembely Stadium, but the TD Garden will do. Some exhilaratingly brilliant live Rock Music from two power trios. Some Brits and some Scots invading the gahden kehd, I’m friggin pysched. I’ll document the night and post it, that is, if I remember to do so. beahs tend to interfere with my picture taking and such.

On My Playlist: Jimi Hendrix – Pali Gap

Ain’t no soup betta than voodoo soup! For real tho, this song is amazing. If you play guitar, indulge in some greenery and jam along. its still fun even if you don’t come anywhere close to doing what he did, which is the case for me. Hendrix 4 eva.

Game of Thrones Metal Cover is Badass

. . . as one would assume.