Local Showcase: Tik Tok

Boston, MA 

Get the debut album Draw Some Monsters by Tik Tok here

Sounds like music to be played on a carousel designed by Tim Burton

Eerie, artistic, innovative, original. Get ready to hear some Experimental/Alternative Rock that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. Four years in the making, Tik Tok finally releases their debut album “Draw Some Monsters.” Produced by the band’s guitarist, Jaime Furtado, the 4-piece band recorded Draw Some Monsters at a house they rented in North Conway, NH in early 2012.

Tik Tok band

Draw Some Monsters has big, textured sound, and frequently escapes the traditional 4-piece alt rock format by showcasing the bands versatility as multi-instrumentalists. Their vocalist, Laetitia Brundage, has an incredible, beautiful voice, which she compliments by playing the piano like a late nineteenth century composer. It has a haunting ambience hovering over an irregular heartbeat thanks to the layers of spacey guitars, weeping synths, traveling bass lines, and punchy, unpredictable rhythms. Their distinct mixture of hypnotic rock, danceable melodies, and baroque pop is reminiscent of some of their more prominent musical influences such as Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Portishead and Danny Elfman. The essence of Tik Tok is perfectly showcased in the album’s first single Weasel in Drag (<-click). They’re an impressive bunch to watch live, and the crisp production quality of Draw Some Monsters does the band some well-deserved justice.

– Sounded like Mike Patton having a vigorous, public threesome with Tori Amos and Beth Gibbons. –

Following the album’s release, the Boston band is planning an aggressive tour schedule from February – June, with radio appearances in the works for February/March. Their first Music Video is scheduled for a March release (2nd video in July), so you can stay in the loop on their Website and their Bandcamp, ReverbNation, and Facebook pages. Wasting no time, the band plans to release a second album in the fall, so keep an ear to the ground.

Tik Tok's lead vocalist / pianist / songwriter Laetitia

Tik Tok’s lead vocalist / pianist / songwriter Laetitia

– It’s like Nightmare Before Christmas meets a depressed Superman… With a sexy undertone. –

– There was something so catchy and seductive about that music, I just couldn’t help but to start dancing. –

For more information, promo requests, or to set up an interview, please contact

Jaime Furtado

| 617-792-8198 |


Local Showcase: High Diner

Boston, MA

Indie Pop

Purple Creek (demo) by High Diner

Check out local Indie Pop band of Berklee lads, High Diner.

… High Diner.  A Boston-based band that unites retro vibes with modern sounds… With years experience in classical and jazz piano, frontman John Murphy – originally from the San Francisco Bay Area – formed the group shortly after beginning studies at the Berklee College of Music.  Our unique brand of feel-good pop has a distinctive sound that we think can be appreciated by a wide audience.

I dig these guys’ sound. It’s a proper way to harness Beatles/retro inspiration into the modern world of music. So they’re dead on when they say this demo “unites retro vibes with modern sounds.” With a “Feel-Good” pop-sense, it’s refreshing to also hear a focus on musicianship and musicality in High Diner‘s songs;

for example in C.F.K. or In the Morning.

So check out their Facebook, Twitter, and bandcamp page with their downloadable, digital demo Purple Creek.

Local Showcase: Ted Billings

Boston, MA

Indie Rock

American Bedrooms

Local guitarist/singer/songwriter Ted Billings added the title of producer to the list with his new self-produced solo album AMERICAN BEDROOMS. Ted’s previous projects include the  punk-ifluenced alternative rock band Slater, and indie rock bands Hot Protestants and Age Rings. The solo album AMERICAN BEDROOMS is some more solid American Indie Rock folks, available here for a free listen or  download it for 8 bucks.

Tracks that stick out to me are:

Check it it out!


American Bedrooms

Local Showcase: Truman Highway

Hyde Park, MA

American Heavy Metal

The legends tell of a great power, lying dormant in the heart of Boston. A power to be used for good or evil. That power is Truman Highway. Currently jamming in Allston, Truman Highway is looking to display its unique form of American Heavy metal to the eyes and ears of headbangers worldwide. With a thundering three song demo produced by the legendary Pete Rutcho, and an alliance with the Throggship Convoy, Truman Highway is here to party!

These guys are ridiculously talented. Check out the relentless thrashing and double bass on “Disasternation” and “High and Dry.” Admittedly I am not well-versed in the world of heavy metal, but I respect the shit out of the musicianship of many metal-heads. I recently saw Truman Highway  at the Beachcomber in Quincy, MA and they were ridiculously awesome. So impressive, it was just an all around great display of heavy metal. They “went in,” as the urban youth say. (<-dud) So enjoy Truman Highway, for the good of the rock.

Local Showcase: Porque I Said So

Quincy, MA

Post-Punk / Alternative Rock

Porque at the Milky Way

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Delosh has enough A.D.D. and song-writing ability to write 5 of the world’s greatest Alternative / Post-Punk songs in a month, that no one will ever hear. Songs pump out of him so fast, that only the real A+ material usually makes the cut for a set list or EP. Which is almost as much a curse as it is a gift, since I’ve never heard a Porque song I didn’t like. Either way, you should listen to all of Porque I Said So‘s available internet catalogue and see what you think.

Porque I Said So has a unique element to their sound that I can’t really put my finger on. Maybe it has to do with band members Mike Delosh, Paul Adams, Greg Tragellis, and Dave Nesti developing an undying chemistry after playing music together in several different bands for over a decade. I hate to pigeon-hole bands and say who they sound like, but if you take their own original, somewhat cosmic post-punk sound, and blend it with some Archers of Loaf, Jimmy Eat World, Failure, and Hum, you get Porque I Said So. They have a new LP due out eventually (give em half a year maybe?). So we’ll keep you posted. Check em out. Porque’s Youtube Channel



Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ted Billings is the front man of a now disbanded Boston area rock band Slater, who were fucking awesome. If you haven’t heard of Slater, get on it. I hate to overhype them and say they sound like The Beatles meet Nirvana, but you know what I mean, the genre blend, loud messy distortion meets a happier pop sense yet with intricate, empathetic melodies and harmonies. Some dude (I’m not a journalist) Pat Healy described their sound well as “distortion with major scale enthusiasm.”

All My Favorite Rockstars Are Dead is an amazing 6-track Slater album. I stole that title for my blog because it fits so well with my current mood towards music right now. Why do all the good ones die so young? It may just be coincidence, but it’s quite true all my favorite rockstars are indeed dead. Lennon, Harrison, Cobain, Layne, Jimi, Bradley. Such a cynic I know. But anyways, AMFRD is a good album and their follow up self-titled album is easily in my favorite top 20 of all time (of all time!), maybe top 10. Locate a copy.

After Slater was done, Ted switched his style up and evolved his sound, adding more synths and acoustic guitars, incorporating a wider range of genres with the intelligent/melancholy/strange sound of the gradually succeeding indie-rock band Age Rings. Definite traces of Slater linger in Age Rings (in a good way) but its definitely a different vibe all together. Less loud, raw energy, more lyrical/melodic focus. Both bands are great so check em out.

Key Slater Tracks: Keep Up, On a Kite, Are You Feeling Lucky?

Key Age Rings Tracks: Everything Will Fall Apart, Rock and Roll is Dead, Black Honey

Age Rings