On My Playlist: Elliott Smith – Pretty (Ugly Before)

On My Playlist: Smashing Pumpkins – Come On (Let’s Go)

The main riff is just amazing. Perfect song.


Do it for Campbell now boys

Gnarly Brooding Face People

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Emeli Sande – Next To Me

song’s perfect

Donate to the Richard Family via Street Dogs

Street Dogs


Damu The Fudgemunk – 1993 Pete

Damu The Fudgemunk – Brooklyn Flower

Tik Tok – Accordion

Check out some Local Alternative Rock from Tik Tok live at the South Shore Music Hall in Quincy, MA

Download Tik Tok‘s Debut Album here -> Draw Some Monsters <- CLiCK

Always Sunny Meets Game of Thrones?

Always Sunny / Game of Thrones Tweeted by “Mac” himself, Game Of Thrones screenwriters David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have apparently written an episode for the next season of It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaMcElhenney’s character Mac is an idiotic, drunken oaf, but I hope everyone knows he’s the show’s creator/executive producer/writer/brains. This idea is Awesome. They must spoof Thrones right? I predict Danny Devito will be Tyrion Lannister, Mac will be John Snow, Dee and Dennis are supposed to be twins so they could easily be The Queen and The Kingslayer (hopefully less incest occurs. everything in moderation right?). The wild card, as always, is Charlie. He could be Robb Stark but that’s a little boring. Maybe a Whitewalker? Anyways, these are the two best shows on television so this is unreal. Can’t Wait.

P.S. The Always Sunny cast members are all pretty hilarious to follow on twitter. Except Charlie left twitter which sucks. But observe.

Kaitlin Olson

Always Sunny

Rob McElhenney

Sweet Dee   Mac Charlie

Danny Devito usually just posts pics of his “trollfoot”


Glenn Howerton actually retweets a lot of cool fan art. He also sometimes shits on dumb fans, and often shits on Donald Trump.


You can even follow The Waitress, Artemis, and Gail the Snail!

Dude, Russians Are Crazy

Crazy Russian Youth Hockey Brawl

Holy Shit.

Sorry Canada

I can’t believe that just happened. Thank god there’s more Bruins playoff hockey to be played. Fuckin love Bergeron.

Pixies Project

A Visual History of the Pixies as a hard cover coffee table book with tons of rare photos and stories behind them is in the works.

Pledge some loot to this Kickstarter and you can get some cool stuff in return. Check it out.


I may be a little biased since the band formed at UMASS Amherst and in Boston, but I friggin love this band!

Flying Donkey Denies King James

A victory for short guys everywhere. Nate’s been ballin. The Celtics could have used the Shrek and Donkey tandem these playoffs that’s for damn sure.

So all C’s fans are trying to vicariously beat the Heat through the Bulls right? Let’s go Bulls! Lebron is such a bitch. Look at him sell this push from Nazr Mohammed. Like he pushed you, the refs were already gonna call the T on him, why dive with the push like a nancy? Like, stay on ur feet bro.

They Call Him Krejci!

BJyRNwOCEAEROom.jpg-largeSolid game. Tuukka was unbelievable. and David Fackin Krejči with a hat trick. Hopefully this gets closed out in 5. LET’S GO BRUINS!


On My Playlist: Foo Fighters – Good Grief



Ah Yes.

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tumblr_mkagx9j7Ar1qkjdfuo1_500BeebsJesus Brady625453_449191931835182_224571910_n

is that Alec Baldwin?

is that Alec Baldwin?

Full HouseJonahIMG_0271

Is something on my head?

Hey, is there something on my head?

IMG_0238 Buschemi dress

IMG_0296 Mientrasllora Jason Collins 267613_3753492636551_1332865270_n

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On My Playlist: Soundgarden – Rhinosaur