Emeli Sande – Next To Me

song’s perfect

Love for Boston

Some words of love for Boston from some bands/musicians/athletes etc. on the Twittersphere and Facebook.


I love seeing love from NY and the Chi. I heard the Police Commissioner say in a presser that Boston has been offered services by Law Enforcement from Baltimore, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. So that’s awesome. Thanks to all those who help others, anywhere, ever. One Love.

Guilty Pleasure: Robyn

Robyn kills it. She’s not even a guilty pleasure, I’m down with Robyn. I thoroughly dislike most electronica/dance. But I got a thing for Scandinavian women. . . and she got some pipes/moves.

Arturo Sandoval. He’s Good.

Renowned trumpeter Arturo Sandoval’s tribute to Dizzy Gillespie from a couple years ago.


The coolest thing is he’s playin with the United States Air Force Band. #Murrica

Led Zeppelin live in Denmark 1969