Throwback Jam: Return of the Mack


Throwback Jam – Fantastic Voyage



Throwback Jam

This song is friggin awesome and you know it.



Throwback Jam of the Day: Shaggy

“Mista lammy tammy nammy dah mi rah mi nimba”

Throwback Jam: Deion Sanders

I wish I was older to better remember the hilarity that was the 1990s. Chris Webber was rapping. Shaq was rapping and playing a 5000 year old magical genie. Everyone was dancing like TLC in the ‘Waterfalls’ video. Every athlete thought they could rap. How about you Deion? Can you rap? “Naaah, I can Saaaang”

Hilarious, awful, garbage.


Throwback Time


Friday Means Throwback Jam Time

A little rain ain’t ruining my Friday. You know how you combat the rain? Bump 90’s RnB.



This group really existed. This song is real. This all actually happened at some point in time. It’s not fake. Worth listening to, intently, through its entirety.


“Now a ho to many, I know I’ll be / Cuz I will always take anotha bitch property!”


Incredible 90’s Dance moves from crazy people in Oakland. Who apparently love Juicy Fruit . . .