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The Great Gatsby: Please Don’t Suck

Some words I must share in anticipation of director/writer Baz Luhrmann‘s attempt at “The Great Gatsby.

Gatsby Poster

First and foremost, please don’t fuck it up. With the limited amount of reading my generation-A.D.D. brain has done throughout my life, one of the few books I have read, which is hands down is my favorite book ever, is The Great Gatsby. I love the book so much so that I bought the rest of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s collection and I’m currently on my third Fitzgerald novel right now. You can see why I am hoping this movie doesn’t do to Fitzgerald’s work what South Park claimed George Lucas and Steven Spielberg did to the Indiana Jones franchise with the “Kingdown of the Crystal Skull.”

The trailers make it look sexy and everything, and the plot is too good for this movie to royally suck, but I am still worried.

Reason’s Why I’m Worried:

1) Baz Luhrmann’s other works include 1996’s Romeo + Juliet.

Though this movie was quite visually stimulating, taking the setting of a work of SHAKESPEARE from 1400s Verona, Italy, to a fictional modern-day L.A./Miami-esque city is taking quite the liberty. Not to mention his interpretation of Mercutio:

Mercutio from Romeo + Juliet (1996)

I have no doubts that the colors, tones, sets, etc. Lurhmann uses in Gatsby will be visually and aesthetically awesome, but I just hope he doesn’t take too many liberties with my baby.

2) The Damned Soundtrack

Call me an old grandpa, but I don’t need hip-hop and dub-step in a movie soundtrack to make me want to go see a movie set in 1920s New York. I may be alone on this, in comparison to other 80’s babies, but I really dig 1920s music. It was the beginning of Jazz for fuck’s sake. Watch an episode of Boardwalk Empire. If you haven’t yet, the music, the dialogue, the set designs, and costumes all thoroughly do an amazing job of making you feel like you are sippin high-balls and chain smokin at a Josephine Baker performance in 1920s Harlem.

As a music lover, I would have loved for this movie’s soundtrack to be strictly geared toward the era. Some rag-time, some Creole Jazz, some Sidney Betchet, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, you know.

Now I get the director wants millions to see the movie, and not many 20-something year olds and younger give two shits about the soundtrack staying true to the era, and that he has to make it sexy and hype it up to kill it at the box office, but this soundtrack is garbage. So Rick Ross worked in Tarentino’s “Django Unchained,” but WHY would Baz think, Lana Del Ray, and Gotye are worthy of accompanying easily one of the top 5 greatest American novels ever written? When I think of the roaring ’20s in New York City, I think of unknown jazz legends playing in speakeasies for careless young people chillin, without an ounce of responsibility, yet somehow, with class. I do not think of FERGIE or Jay Z.

Exhibit A of the soundtrack being stanky is Andre 3000 & Beyonce’s rendition of Amy Winehouse & Marc Ronson’s “Back to Black.” I love Andre 3000 and Beyonce, but I also love Amy Winehouse, and they totally Butchered it. I mean, she’s dead. How fittingly eerie it would have been for Gatsby to just use the original “Back to Black,” but no, instead they resort to mooching off the sex appeal and popularity of Queen B. The soundtrack overall isn’t really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but If Luhrmann has already sold out this bad with the soundtrack, it doesn’t make me too hopeful for the movie’s full potential.

The Upside

The Cast. I absolutely have no complaints about the cast. Tobey Maguire fits Nick Carraway just fine. Kinda like Will Smith as Ali; you’re unsure if you agree, but you’re just like “eh, I don’t see why not.”

and I love Leo, full homo.

 And Carey Mulligan is just how Fitz described Daisy.

I pictured this psycho from Boardwalk as Tom Buchannan for some reason. 

but its actually this guy, which works.

and then Myrtle

so yeah, no complaints about the cast. Whatever, I’m a total 1920s-phile, so I hope its a good movie. It probably will be decent. Though reading Fitzgerald’s language is what produces the most evocative effect possible.

Some ’20s Jazz

Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66

This song is my absolute jam right now. Shout out to Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery.

Couple Legends Here & There


Paul & Dave


Kurt & Layne

Jimi & Mick

Jimi & Mick

Paul McCartney & Dave Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert

Paul McCartney & Dave Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert

John & George

John & George

Black Thought & ?uestlove

Black Thought & ?uestlove

Jimmy & John

Jimmy & John

Foo Zeppelin

Foo Zeppelin

Jimmy & Jack

Jimmy & Jack

Eric & George

Eric & George

Petty & Dylan

Petty & Dylan

Nas & Dave

Nas & Dave



Flea, Kurt, & Joe

Flea, Kurt, & Joe

Mos & Erykah

Mos & Erykah

Paul & John (

Paul & John (

Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys

I Can’t Wait. . .

. . . Two more days . . .

Khaleesi 2

. . . I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for a Sunday night to arrive . . .


. . . yeaaah . . . I’m kinda obsessed.

Floyd Pepper of The Electric Mayhem – While My Guitar Gently Weeps

The Privilege of Absurdity





wee small hours

Frances Bean









Khaleesi 2

Travel Back



Emilia Clarke




R. Harrow

The Privilege of Absurdity…

…to which no creature is subject, but man only.”

the valley

Across the Universe




Taran Bobby Gangnam

Sloppy Swish

Easter Bunny


Charlie - Denim

Sweet Dee

Horatio - Boardwalk


Salvador Dali 5





Beatles Graffiti

Compliments of NMEMagazine

Compliments of NMEMagazine


Rare and Trippy collaboration between Walt Disney and Salvador Dalí

Can We Talk ‘Almost Famous’ Cameos Real Quick?

I watched “Almost Famous” recently, and noticed Rainn Wilson is randomly in the movie as a Rolling Stone writer/editor, I don’t think he even has a line. So I proceeded to investigate and discovered that Everyone is in this movie. It’s strange.

First of all the lead roles, Frances McDormand, Billy Crudup, Patrick Fugit, Jason Lee, and Zooey Deschanel carried the movie. Not so impressed by Kate Hudson. I just don’t believe her. Its not her fault, she just seems the straight edge type. I think an actress who, you know, had a minor coke problem in the 90s or maybe had an estranged Dad, or habitually displayed violent and erratic episodes of drunkenness would have been more believable. Nonetheless, the list of cameos is eclectic and noteworthy.

We have:

Nick Swardson as a Davie Bowie Fan.

Nick Swardson as ‘Isane Bowie Fan’

Anna Paquin as the Bandaid, ‘Polexia Aphrodisia’

Anna Paquin & Vicky Valencourt

This Guy

Jay Baruchel in Almost Famous

Mitch Hedberg as the Eagles’ Road Manager

Mitch Hedberg as a Road Manager in Almost Famous

Add Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter Frampton, Marc Maron, & Eric Stonestreet to the list, but hands down, the best one goes to Jimmy Fallon. He plays band manager ‘Dennis Hope’ who admits to committing a deadly hit&run in the infamous turbulence scene.

Jimmy Fallon in Almost Famous

Overall great movie, love the random cameos.

Indian Group of Seven

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Formed in the 1970s, their name a reference to the (Canadian) Group of Seven impressionistic painters of the 1920s, the following seven Native American painters held several art exhibitions together in the 1970s. They’re mostly self-taught and many of their paintings are trippy.

Daphne Odjig (93 years old)


To Endure

Alex Janvier

Morning Star

Sky Reader


Jackson Beardy


Love of Birds

Eddy Cobiness


Birds in the Sky

Norval Morrisseau

As the Artist Sees Himself

Fish Bird

Carl Ray

The Bear

Recreation Myth

Spider Woman

Joseph Sanchez

Raven Portrait

Obama / Hendrix Mural Vandalism is B.S.

Mural outside The Presidents Rock Club in Quincy Center

Quincy, MA

Quincy on just reported that this “Obamadrix” mural of Jimi Hendrix outside the President’s Rock Club in Quincy was vandalized last night.

This mural is Freedom of Speech – Legal

Dousing it in white paint is Vandalism – Illegal

Regardless of your political affiliation, you shouldn’t VANDALIZE someone else’s property, just because you disagree with Obama politics. Its called “the Presidents Rock Club.” They got paintings of JQA and John Adams rockin out electric guitars. Its a joke, its supposed to be funny, its a play on their restaurant’s title and the Presidential history of good ole Quincy, MA. Now correct me if I’m wrong but Barack Obama is (half) black  right? So Jimi was a light-skinned brotha, so say you want to have a giant mural of the greatest guitarist of all time outside your rock bar, but sticking with a presidential theme, the artist made his face Obama’s. Should it have been Chester A. Arthur’s face? I mean, Barry and Jimi basically got the same skin tones goin’ so . . . What’s the big deal here? Oh, unless of course you might be racist.

I’m just kidding conservative psychos, obviously they knew what they were doing, but THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO. It’s their property. The artist chose what he or she wanted to do and it WAS a beautiful piece of art.

You have the right to disagree with Obama’s administration, and you can act on that right by campaigning for Romney and voting for him in November. But infringing on another’s property? Vandalizing an artist’s awesomely vivid and current mural, that makes that drab, urine-scented alley way a bit more bearable, that’s un-American bro! DON’T TREAD ON ME. Stand outside the bar with Romney/Ryan signs if you really want. But how bout you grow up you nut jobs! Or you could paint a Romney mural at a country bar somewhere, blended with the likes of Hank Williams Jr