Jonah Takalua Deleted Scenes = Gold

I love Summer Heights High. I really wish they were able to do more than one season. BRING IT BACK! So here are some funny deleted scenes of the brilliant Chris Lilley’s character, Jonah Takalua. 2:16 – 4:20 is the best part. I would die laughing too if I had to play one of Jonah’s FOB friends.

P.S. Chris Lilley and Elliott Smith may be the most ultimate example of a doppleganger ever.

Who's who?

Who’s who?

P.P.S. Where the hell does the origin of the term “doppleganger” come from? Please enlighten me someone.

P.P.P.S. No i’ve never heard of Google or Wikipedia


Greatest Facebook Status in Years

Puck You Miss! I Want to know whose job it is to manage Jonah Takalua‘s Facebook page. Serioulsy, what a gig. Just throw a token hilarious quote out there every few weeks. Unreal. I belted out in laughter when I saw this, mainly just cuz it was unexpected, and its kinda like its comin from a real Jonah Takalua. Bring Summer Heights High back!