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Women Aren’t Funny

JUST KIDDING! Just trying to attract some hits by angering women enough to click and read. I’m not Adam Carolla. This post is in fact quite the opposite of its title. Here’s a collection of hilarious comedians, that just so happen to have vaginas.

Natasha Leggero

I would maybe get pregnant, for practical reasons, like if I was trying to stop doing cocaine.

She is dark, and a great at stand up. She killed it at Comedy Central’s Bonnaroo special this summer, and she also stole the show on Ben Stiller‘s web series “Burning Love.”

Natasha Leggero at Bonnaroo

Check out her live special titled, “Coke Money.”

P.S. Sometimes I go to her homepage and leave it on a tab just to listen to Reggie Watts‘ song. (more…)

Muse Perform Madness on SNL

Muse killed it on SNL this past Saturday with host Daniel Craig. I’m not big on electronic music, but I WANT THAT BASS that bassist Christopher Wolstenholme has. That thing is awesome.

The whole episode was an A by the way. Every sketch was good. Craig did a great job hosting. Funny stuff. Here’s Craig along with the lovely and talented Nasim Pedrad as Lea Michelle in “HIPPOPOTOPUSSY” in the sketch “Bond Girls.”

Will Forte: Comedic Gold



This Easter Album skit from SNL from a few years ago is so ridiculously absurd, that one may not even get it. But if you do, then we can be best friends forever. Kristen Wiig as Jackie Snad and Will Forte as Clancy T. Bachleratt sing “Easter” songs about every American’s favorite things: Spaceships, Toddlers, Model T Cars, & Jars of Beer.

Also, if you haven’t seen MacGruber the movie, do yourself a favor and get on that. Complete and utter absurdity.



Here the ‘Grubes explains to Dixon Pepper (Ryan Phillippe) why the evil & maniacal Dieter Von Cunth (Val Kilmer) murdered MacGruber’s wife on their wedding day.


I’m also glad Tim & Eric got a hold of Forte.



Basically I think Will Forte was arguably the most underrated SNL cast member of all time. Dude’s batshit crazy and I love it.