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This Day in Rock: Jimi Hendrix

October 18, 1966 The Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first gig as a band in France.

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Global Showcase: The Whigs


From Athens, Georgia

The Whigs new album “Enjoy The Company” dropped in September and they still gaht it guy. And they’re still on the up. All four of their albums differ from each other in all around sound and style, but they all manage to be solid rock albums. “Enjoy The Company” sticks to their theme of constant evolution as a band and incorporation of all types of rock genres, mainly Alternative, Southern, Indie, and Dance Rock. It’s also a step in a positive direction from their last album. Get familiar.

Enjoy The Company 2012

 Gems: Waiting, Staying Alive, Tiny Treasures

In The Dark 2010

Gems: Black Lotus, Kill Me Carolyne, So Lonely

Mission Control 2008

Gems: Right Hand On My Heart, Like a Vibration, I Got Ideas

Give ‘Em All a Big Fat Lip 2005

Gems: Give ‘Em All a Big Fat Lip, Violent Furs, Nothing Is Easy


Muse Perform Madness on SNL

Muse killed it on SNL this past Saturday with host Daniel Craig. I’m not big on electronic music, but I WANT THAT BASS that bassist Christopher Wolstenholme has. That thing is awesome.

The whole episode was an A by the way. Every sketch was good. Craig did a great job hosting. Funny stuff. Here’s Craig along with the lovely and talented Nasim Pedrad as Lea Michelle in “HIPPOPOTOPUSSY” in the sketch “Bond Girls.”

Nick Gizzarelli. He’s Good.

My boy Nick Gizzarelli doin his thing on the kit.

The Coalition 

Who Covered it Better?

Foo Fighters & Cee Lo Green VS. The Roots & Maya Rudolph

Song: Darling Nikki by Prince

click to watch

Darling Nikki by Prince seems to be quite the fun song to cover, everyone from Rihanna to Foo Fighters has done it. Definitely a solid jam. Maya Rudolph & her friend Gretchen Lieberum love Prince so much, they have their own Prince cover band called Princess. Questo & the Roots crew are big fans too, so they accompanied Princess on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently to cover Darling Nikki and it was quite awesome.

Foo Fighters loved Darling Nikki enough to record their own version of it, which rocks hard. Last year they played it at some festival, where Cee Lo was suppose to join them and sing lead, but he was running late so they started without him. They were almost done with the cover when Cee Lo finally arrived and hopped on stage, and started singing from the top again. I think the crowd was too drunk to even notice though. At least the nitwit who filmed it and put it on youtube was. That version is almost unwatchable thanks to the camera man. But the VMA version is pretty awesome. So who covered it best?


Rihanna and her dancers have absolutely no clue what the word subtle means. This is basically porn.

This Day in Rock: Aerosmith

October 3, 1978 Aerosmith bailed thirty fans out of jail after they were arrested for smoking weed at their concert at Fort Wayne Coliseum. Say what you want about the delusional, grandma-looking mad-man that is Steve Tyler, this fact is pretty awesome.

Hold Up – Taylor Swift Owns Other Bands’ Tour Busses?

I was watching this interview w/ 311‘s Nick Hexum for no reason yesterday, and towards the end he mentions that Taylor Swift bought all the best tour busses in the country, and rents them out to other bands. That’s crazy talk. What a hustle. 311 has been touring as long as Taylor Swift has been alive, and she already has that much money? To lease busses out to veteran touring bands. Her estimated net worth is $80 Million. I don’t usually like harping on such superficiality but damn, I want that $$$!


This Day in Rock: Pink Floyd

September 26, 1967 Pink Floyd played the first of three nights in San Francicso for the group’s first ever live dates in the U.S.

Video of the Day

Happy 21st birthday to one of the most influential rock albums of all time, Nirvana’s “Nevermind.” Now it can legally drink booze!

Couple more why not.

Global Showcase: The Joy Formidable

Ritzy Bryan of The Joy Formidable recording in Maine.


From Wales.

Back in March 2012 my friend and I were standing and drinking PBR tall boys in the Front Lounge at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA, when out from a staff only door came two mammoth body guards, escorting a tiny blonde woman dressed in black, with a guitar, to the main stage. It was The Joy Formidable‘s singer/guitarist Ritzy Bryan. Tiny, yet she packs a big punch. Quite the badass. I’m pretty sure she smashed two guitars to pieces off a gong throughout the show.

They absolutely rocked the Paradise Rock Club. One of the best live shows I’ve ever been to. Maybe the intimate setting of the @ParadiseRockClb helped,  but they impressed the shit outta me. Every song was good, and they absolutely rock out and extend songs whenever they damn well please. Ritzy and bassist/singer Rhydian Dafydd obviously have a unique chemistry, and it shows in their performances and song-writing. They give off a very real, passionate, and down to earth vibe. I was most impressed by drummer Matt Thomas ‘ skill and stamina. Dude’s a beast. Incredible.

No release date yet for their new album “Wolf’s Law” but 2011’s “The Big Roar” is awesome from beginning to end, so get excited. They closed with Whirring when I saw them. Must watch. Also, Buoy is my favorite.






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Boston-based band, Mission of Burma’s  “That’s When I Reach for My Revolver”

Local Showcase: Porque I Said So

Quincy, MA

Post-Punk / Alternative Rock

Porque at the Milky Way

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Delosh has enough A.D.D. and song-writing ability to write 5 of the world’s greatest Alternative / Post-Punk songs in a month, that no one will ever hear. Songs pump out of him so fast, that only the real A+ material usually makes the cut for a set list or EP. Which is almost as much a curse as it is a gift, since I’ve never heard a Porque song I didn’t like. Either way, you should listen to all of Porque I Said So‘s available internet catalogue and see what you think.

Porque I Said So has a unique element to their sound that I can’t really put my finger on. Maybe it has to do with band members Mike Delosh, Paul Adams, Greg Tragellis, and Dave Nesti developing an undying chemistry after playing music together in several different bands for over a decade. I hate to pigeon-hole bands and say who they sound like, but if you take their own original, somewhat cosmic post-punk sound, and blend it with some Archers of Loaf, Jimmy Eat World, Failure, and Hum, you get Porque I Said So. They have a new LP due out eventually (give em half a year maybe?). So we’ll keep you posted. Check em out. Porque’s Youtube Channel


Global Showcase: Quicksand

From New York. With a bit of short-lived success in the ’90s, reunited Quicksand still absolutely rock.


Click to watch Quicksand perform “Fazer” live on Jimmy Fallon

Global Showcase: Chavez

from New York. They Rock.