Shows This Weekend 2 / 15 / 13

Friday 2 / 15 / 2013

Johnny D’s in Somerville (tickets here)


Saturday 2 / 16 / 2013

@ Radio in Somerville 


Boston Radio

One thing I was excited to start blogging about was Boston radio. Then FNX got sold. It was like a dope slap.

“Hey dumbass, the radio’s irrelevant remember?”

I was very sad to see FNX go. Can someone tell me how the fuck AAF has TWO frequencies, and those damn hipsters at FNX couldn’t even get one clear one. FNX was Boston’s only remaining modern rock station w/ any integrity. Adam 12 is the only DJ in town giving bands like Deftones and the Street Dogs radio play. If you’re a fan of bands like that, 12 is still doing his thing on RadioBDC so check it out. I listen to it daily.

Still sucks that FNX is done though. I really thought the station was getting better daily too. I discovered awesome bands like The Joy Formidable and learned about tons of local shows thanks to FNX. Much love to WFNX, who are still doing their thing on the interweb So no more pretending the radio still counts, back to cds.

Also, can I shit on 92.9 real quick?

“Radio 92.9; where one-hit-wonders go to die.”

Regularly play Spin Doctors and Marcy Playground. I fuckin hate that sex and candy song btw. And I got nothin against Bush, but what radio station thinks its a good idea to play Glycerine and Machine Head, every single day, in 2012? 92.9  has single-handedly ruined “What I Got,” “Santeria,” and “Doin Time” for me. Without Bush, Sublime, the Chili Peppers, and Third Eye Blind, 92.9 would have 4 songs, and those would be:

  • What it’s like by Everlast
  • Outside (the one w/ Fred Durst (ugh)) by Staind
  • insert generic 90s pop one-hit wonder, and
  • that fucking Gotye song.

By now I’m sure I’ve blown my cover and revealed how much I do in fact listen to 92.9. I mean its really not that bad. #uselesspost