Local Showcase: Tik Tok

Boston, MA 

Get the debut album Draw Some Monsters by Tik Tok here

Sounds like music to be played on a carousel designed by Tim Burton

Eerie, artistic, innovative, original. Get ready to hear some Experimental/Alternative Rock that’s unlike anything you’ve heard before. Four years in the making, Tik Tok finally releases their debut album “Draw Some Monsters.” Produced by the band’s guitarist, Jaime Furtado, the 4-piece band recorded Draw Some Monsters at a house they rented in North Conway, NH in early 2012.

Tik Tok band

Draw Some Monsters has big, textured sound, and frequently escapes the traditional 4-piece alt rock format by showcasing the bands versatility as multi-instrumentalists. Their vocalist, Laetitia Brundage, has an incredible, beautiful voice, which she compliments by playing the piano like a late nineteenth century composer. It has a haunting ambience hovering over an irregular heartbeat thanks to the layers of spacey guitars, weeping synths, traveling bass lines, and punchy, unpredictable rhythms. Their distinct mixture of hypnotic rock, danceable melodies, and baroque pop is reminiscent of some of their more prominent musical influences such as Tori Amos, Tom Waits, Portishead and Danny Elfman. The essence of Tik Tok is perfectly showcased in the album’s first single Weasel in Drag (<-click). They’re an impressive bunch to watch live, and the crisp production quality of Draw Some Monsters does the band some well-deserved justice.

– Sounded like Mike Patton having a vigorous, public threesome with Tori Amos and Beth Gibbons. –

Following the album’s release, the Boston band is planning an aggressive tour schedule from February – June, with radio appearances in the works for February/March. Their first Music Video is scheduled for a March release (2nd video in July), so you can stay in the loop on their Website and their Bandcamp, ReverbNation, and Facebook pages. Wasting no time, the band plans to release a second album in the fall, so keep an ear to the ground.

Tik Tok's lead vocalist / pianist / songwriter Laetitia

Tik Tok’s lead vocalist / pianist / songwriter Laetitia

– It’s like Nightmare Before Christmas meets a depressed Superman… With a sexy undertone. –

– There was something so catchy and seductive about that music, I just couldn’t help but to start dancing. –

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