So McLovin’s Band is Playing the Middle East Tonight

The Young Rapscallions

The Young Rapscallions

@MidEastClub tweeted that The Young Rapscallions are playing the Middle East in Cambridge tonight 1/14/13. And it just so happens the drummer of said Rapscallions, is none other than Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin).


He must LOVE being forever referred to as McLovin I’m sure.

So is McLovin as a former geek converted rockstar surprising to you? To me, what’s more shocking is how not bad they are. Like, they’re not bad at all. Mintz-Plasse holds his own. They’re Post-Punk / Alternative Rock. I just checked out previews of their songs here and they overall . . . weren’t bad. Vox a bit lacking. But not too much to complain about. So who’s comin with me?

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  1. haha they played at Club 58 a year or two ago. I remember just seeing people take pictures with him, holding signed Role Models & SuperBad DvDs. No way people show up to hear the music. “When will this be over, so I can get a photo with McLovin.”

    I did just try and give them a listen to as well…terrible.


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