Method Man & Redman

Meth & Red

Unsung Heroes & Gamechangers in Rap: Volume 2

guest blog by Chachi Googs

So it’s been a bit since I did volume 1 of this on Jay Electronica. In thinking about who I thought is worthy for the blog in terms of underrated, unsung heroes that are true game changers, I couldn’t help but think of Redman & Method Man. I’m not talking about anything that either of them made individually. There is no question that Red and Meth both have solid, prolific solo careers, but in terms of underrated I don’t think Redman and Method Man get enough credit as a duo/group.

It’s tough to say who the best duo in rap is, because some of the best have completely different styles. The first to come to mind is Outkast, which is comparing apples and oranges when comparing with the blackout crew. Black Star is another one that comes to mind, but how can you even compare Red and Meth to Mos Def and Talib Kweli? You can’t, but I never even here Method Man and Redman mentioned when it comes to best duos.

Here’s the thing, I’ve seen Meth and Redman live and they are straight insane. They have a ton of energy and are known for playing smaller venues, so the crowd is packed together and almost everyone there is a true fan, you don’t just go to a Method Man / Redman concert if you don’t listen to them.

Possibly the best part about this duo is that they couldn’t be any more different. I think the only common trait they share is that they both spend each waking hour of their lives high. Redman provides the in your face, upbeat, cocky style, whereas Method Man gives you the smart, cool, calm, humbly arrogant (if that even makes sense) type of style. It’s mixing hot and cold, and it truly defines them. They are true game changers and deserve more props than they get.




Just for shits here’s my top 5 rap duo’s of all time.

  • Black Star – This is a no brainer, in terms of pure lyrical talent Mos Def and Talib Kweli take the cake.
  • Outkast – Big Boi and Andre 3000 are two of the most talented rappers in the game, mix this with their unique style and you’ve got a close second.
  • Method Man and Redman – Got to give them the honorable mention.
  • Boogie Down Productions – KRS-One is a founding father in rap, ask any of the best and they will tell you that they grew up bumping KRS-One and that he is a huge influence. They have to be in the top 5.
  • UGK – RIP to the PIMP! Bun B is probably the best southern producer ever as well, so I think they deserve a shout out.
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