One-Hit Wonder Justice: Blind Melon

Blind Melon

I just don’t understand the radio sometimes. Could they play just one more song from this band please? Most people only know of their big hit “No Rain,” but these guys had two amazing albums, Blind Melon and Soup, with a third album Nico that features a gathering of random yet awesome recordings, similar to Second Hand Smoke by Sublime, or Lioness by Amy Winehouse. 

Each album features their diverse and wide-ranging blend of genres and influences. A bit southern-rock, a bit funky, some acoustic/folk stuff, some psychedelia, and alternative rock. I sense some influence by Led ZeppelinThe Allman Brothers, & Lynyrd Skynrd, along with their own original style of course. If you love well-rounded, multiple-genre-spanning rock bands, then check out Blind Melon.

Blind Melon 1992

Gems: Tones of Home | Paper Scratcher | Sleepyhouse

Blind Melon Bee


Soup 1995

Gems: Galaxie | 2×4 | The Duke


Nico 1996

Gems: The Pusher | No Rain (Ripped Away) | Glitch


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  1. Liquid Lucid

     /  December 5, 2012

    I especially love the Soup album, it´s so so great ..

  2. I agree! Soup’s the best. So diverse and trippy.


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