NFL Week 11 Picks

Cowboys over the Browns

Buccaneers over the Panthers

Bengals over the Chiefs

Packers over the Lions

Texans over the Jaguars

Jets over the Rams

Redskins over the Eagles

Falcons over the Cardinals

Saints over the Raiders

Broncos over the Chargers

Patriots over the Colts

Ravens over the Steelers

Bears over the 49ers

I had the Dolphins over the Bills, damn ‘fins let me down. Allow me to elaborate on the Jets real quick. I have them beating the Rams this week, only because the Rams are awful. I hate the media coverage of the Jets, even if they are highlighting their woes. Cuz watch, if they beat the Rams, they’ll dub it as “the turn around point” this season for the Jets. Just an “update league” its so annoying. All the media/analysts have the shortest memories, its bizarre. Both the Jets and Rams suck is what i’m saying. A win doesn’t mean anything for either team.

Pats Prediction: Pats 38 – Colts 31

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