Phoenix Jones is an Idiot

Seattle, WA

Vigilante “crime-fighter” Phoenix Jones is the leader of the “Rain City Superhero Movement,” and a complete waste of space. Phoenix Jones, or Benjamin John Francis Fodor, is trained in MMA, and he goes around the looking for “suspects,” and basically just challenges them to fights to prove his physical prowess in the octagon, or the previously violence free Seattle sidewalks rather.

Fast forward to AT LEAST the 6:00 mark. Not much to see, Lots to discuss tho.

So 3 drunk imbeciles saw a LOSER dressed as a Superhero, with his LOSER posse of less-super-heroes in cheap, shitty, makeshift costumes, and started talking shit. Turns out, Loser #1, Phoenix Jones can fight, and rocks one of the drunk antagonists. I have so very many bones to pick with this whole incident. 

  1.  The Cop – are you serious guy? just take control of the situation, they’re all civilians, disturbing the peace. Call for back up and lock ’em all up. The 3 drunken clowns, and the “superheroes”, everyone. Especially the superheroes! At least launch some tear gas at this nitwits.
  2. the “Mutual Combat” law in the State of Washington. This law allowing 2 guys to fight in WA if they both agree to it? are you serious? that was the only thing preventing The Cop from masing all these dumbasses from the get go.
  3. Phoenix Jones’ Kicks – you’re trained in MMA guy, and you Immediately resort to kicks, in a street fight, with a drunken scrub? Grow a pair and stick to the octagon with some actual competition.
  4. The Rain City Superhero Movement – Based on the fact that one of Seattle’s finest spent much of his night watching a fake superhero fight a drunken idiot, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Seattle’s streets are safe enough, you guys. A little counter-productive for a group of “crime-fighters” to cause probably the only display of violence in the streets that night. You really wanna fight crime, why don’t u take ur movement to Oakland, Detroit, or Baltimore, where REAL violent crimes occur. Idiots.
  5. The Camera Guy – He keeps calling the drunken bums, “suspects.” If it weren’t for that fucking “Mutual Combat” law, those Idiots would be suspects too. Idiots. Fackin Seattle, wow.
  6. The Drunken “Suspects” – if you’re gonna harass a group of loser superheroes, at least finish what you started and jump Phoenix Jones. I mean, you know his posse ain’t gonna do shit. They shoulda stomped his ass. Losers the lot of them.

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