Fackin’ A Man

Phew. I didn’t say a thing about the election til now. And I almost feel like gloating.

I have a couple friends in finance and I pretend to respect their support of Romney. At least they admit, “Romney will make my field more money, thus making me more money, so i’ll vote for him.” Which makes sense sure.

What I can’t stand, is Mickey D’s infused, Rally Cola on an IV wastes of space who are ignorant enough to buy into fear mongering propaganda from the likes of Fox News, idiots on Facebook, etc., and voted for Romney, without even knowing his policies would directly harm them.

My beef with Romney is that he’s just a different flavor of the same exact party-first, Bush/Cheney-esque politics that got us here in the first place. With a strictly, and irrationally obstructionist congress, with the impediment of any progress of the Obama administration as their main goal over the past four years, how do you extreme right-wingers expect anything to get done?

Also the fact that RICK SANTORUM or HERMAN CAIN were legitimate candidates for the Republican party. . . Are you kidding me? To consider your party worthy of running the country is INSULTING. Bring forth a proper candidate, PLEASE. No more Gingriches or Palins.

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