Can We Talk ‘Hipster Brady’ Real Quick?

Jerod Mayo, the Krafts, & His Holyness

What are you doing now Tom? I’m under the philosophy that Thomas can dress however the hell he wants. As a giddy Brazilian school girl, like James Bond, or just with Ugz, or Goats, whatever. He’s Tom Fucking Brady. But I like to poke fun, and I wonder what you guys think about Hipster Brady. Also, as cliche as it is, Steve Tyler really does look like an old lady.

Mayo, Brady, Bob Kraft, Old Hag, Jon Kraft

Here’s why he can do what he wants.

3 Superbowl Rings

2x AP NFL MVP (2010 as the 1st unanimously chosen)

2x Superbowl MVP

AP Male Athlete of the Year (’07)

7x ProBowler

Cuz he’s a fuckin stud that’s why


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