Can We Talk ‘Almost Famous’ Cameos Real Quick?

I watched “Almost Famous” recently, and noticed Rainn Wilson is randomly in the movie as a Rolling Stone writer/editor, I don’t think he even has a line. So I proceeded to investigate and discovered that Everyone is in this movie. It’s strange.

First of all the lead roles, Frances McDormand, Billy Crudup, Patrick Fugit, Jason Lee, and Zooey Deschanel carried the movie. Not so impressed by Kate Hudson. I just don’t believe her. Its not her fault, she just seems the straight edge type. I think an actress who, you know, had a minor coke problem in the 90s or maybe had an estranged Dad, or habitually displayed violent and erratic episodes of drunkenness would have been more believable. Nonetheless, the list of cameos is eclectic and noteworthy.

We have:

Nick Swardson as a Davie Bowie Fan.

Nick Swardson as ‘Isane Bowie Fan’

Anna Paquin as the Bandaid, ‘Polexia Aphrodisia’

Anna Paquin & Vicky Valencourt

This Guy

Jay Baruchel in Almost Famous

Mitch Hedberg as the Eagles’ Road Manager

Mitch Hedberg as a Road Manager in Almost Famous

Add Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter Frampton, Marc Maron, & Eric Stonestreet to the list, but hands down, the best one goes to Jimmy Fallon. He plays band manager ‘Dennis Hope’ who admits to committing a deadly hit&run in the infamous turbulence scene.

Jimmy Fallon in Almost Famous

Overall great movie, love the random cameos.

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