Reposting this to share where the blog’s name comes from


Singer/songwriter/guitarist Ted Billings is the front man of a now disbanded Boston area rock band Slater, who were fucking awesome. If you haven’t heard of Slater, get on it. I hate to overhype them and say they sound like The Beatles meet Nirvana, but you know what I mean, the genre blend, loud messy distortion meets a happier pop sense yet with intricate, empathetic melodies and harmonies. Some dude (I’m not a journalist) Pat Healy described their sound well as “distortion with major scale enthusiasm.”

All My Favorite Rockstars Are Dead is an amazing 6-track Slater album. I stole that title for my blog because it fits so well with my current mood towards music right now. Why do all the good ones die so young? It may just be coincidence, but it’s quite true all my favorite rockstars are indeed dead. Lennon, Harrison, Cobain, Layne, Jimi, Bradley. Such a cynic…

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