Women Aren’t Funny

JUST KIDDING! Just trying to attract some hits by angering women enough to click and read. I’m not Adam Carolla. This post is in fact quite the opposite of its title. Here’s a collection of hilarious comedians, that just so happen to have vaginas.

Natasha Leggero

I would maybe get pregnant, for practical reasons, like if I was trying to stop doing cocaine.

She is dark, and a great at stand up. She killed it at Comedy Central’s Bonnaroo special this summer, and she also stole the show on Ben Stiller‘s web series “Burning Love.”

Natasha Leggero at Bonnaroo

Check out her live special titled, “Coke Money.”

P.S. Sometimes I go to her homepage and leave it on a tab just to listen to Reggie Watts‘ song.

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig as Flirtation Expert Rebecca Larue. Click to Watch.

I don’t have to tell you Kristen Wiig is funny. She’s right up there with Will Ferrell, Chris Farley, etc. as one of the best players of all time on Saturday Night Live. So many characters: Gilly, Judy Grimes, Target Lady, the Mutant Sister on the Lawrence Welk ShowSo versatile. She can sing, dance, act, do impressions. I’m in love. I also love Maya Rudolph. 

Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig SNL Super Showcase. Click to Watch

Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris from Strangers With Candy

Amy Sedaris on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Click to Watch.

Tina Fey & Jane Krakowski

Fey as Liz Lemon and Krakowski as Jenna Maroney

Tina Fey is up their as one of the best writers/weekend update anchors on Saturday Night Live of all time. These two kill it weekly on 30 Rock. Love ’em, love the other characters, and love the show. I belt out in laughter often. . . alone. And I would also love it if they made out . . . just once.

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  1. Really? I don’t find her funny at all. I first heard her on The Burn and her laugh and jokes were terrible. Then I gave her another shot on my Pandora and boy was she fucking terrible. I’ll give her a 3rd try, but it isn’t looking to good. I got to give it up for my main bitch Amy Schumer. That bitch can tell a joke without it sounding like she’s just trying to “shock” the audience for some cheap laughs. I’ll def throw you Wiig too, she’s a riot, but Maya Rudolph…C’MON SON!

    But 8 times out of 10…women are not funny.

  2. watch “Prince Show” or “Gays in Space” form SNL. Maya Rudolph gets a chuckle outta me. is ‘the Burn’ Jeff Ross’ show? cuz that guy is a talentless piece of garbage who strictly gets cheap laughs from shocking the audience. I dig Leggero, she stood out on the aforementioned Bonnaroo special, i just like how she’s a bit evil. I def have to check out Amy Schumer, big Jay Bollz mentioned her too.


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