Local Showcase: Truman Highway

Hyde Park, MA

American Heavy Metal

The legends tell of a great power, lying dormant in the heart of Boston. A power to be used for good or evil. That power is Truman Highway. Currently jamming in Allston, Truman Highway is looking to display its unique form of American Heavy metal to the eyes and ears of headbangers worldwide. With a thundering three song demo produced by the legendary Pete Rutcho, and an alliance with the Throggship Convoy, Truman Highway is here to party!

These guys are ridiculously talented. Check out the relentless thrashing and double bass on “Disasternation” and “High and Dry.” Admittedly I am not well-versed in the world of heavy metal, but I respect the shit out of the musicianship of many metal-heads. I recently saw Truman Highway  at the Beachcomber in Quincy, MA and they were ridiculously awesome. So impressive, it was just an all around great display of heavy metal. They “went in,” as the urban youth say. (<-dud) So enjoy Truman Highway, for the good of the rock.

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