The Bear Jew & RZA Made a Kung Fu Movie

“Teddy fuckin’ Williams knocks it out of the park! Fenway Park on its feet for Teddy fuckin’ Ballgame! He went yardo on that one, out to fuckin’ Lansdowne Street!”

Said Boston’s own Eli Roth as “The Bear Jew” in Quentin Tarentino’s Inglorius Basterds (2009). Roth has now teamed up with RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan to write a promisingly violent, soon to be released kung fu flick, “The Man with the Iron Fists.”

RZA not only co-wrote it, but directed it, and clearly formulated the soundtrack, which features the likes of The Black Keys, Method Man, Raekwon, Kanye, Talib Kweli, & himself, among other Wu-Tang legends.

They also got Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu in on the action. This movie has all the potential in the world to be the “Wu-Tang, martial expert (Chinese accent)” movie these dudes have been dying to make for years. I hope it’s good.

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  1. that movie is going to rock. RZA is clearly influenced by the GAWD Tarantino, and with Roth helping out the RZA, this movie will be straight fire! Then with Django Unchained coming out in December. It’s a ONE-TWO PUNCH I TELL YAH! ONE-DEUCE!!!

  2. i agree man, can’t wait!


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