Obama / Hendrix Mural Vandalism is B.S.

Mural outside The Presidents Rock Club in Quincy Center

Quincy, MA

Quincy on just reported that this “Obamadrix” mural of Jimi Hendrix outside the President’s Rock Club in Quincy was vandalized last night.

This mural is Freedom of Speech – Legal

Dousing it in white paint is Vandalism – Illegal

Regardless of your political affiliation, you shouldn’t VANDALIZE someone else’s property, just because you disagree with Obama politics. Its called “the Presidents Rock Club.” They got paintings of JQA and John Adams rockin out electric guitars. Its a joke, its supposed to be funny, its a play on their restaurant’s title and the Presidential history of good ole Quincy, MA. Now correct me if I’m wrong but Barack Obama is (half) black  right? So Jimi was a light-skinned brotha, so say you want to have a giant mural of the greatest guitarist of all time outside your rock bar, but sticking with a presidential theme, the artist made his face Obama’s. Should it have been Chester A. Arthur’s face? I mean, Barry and Jimi basically got the same skin tones goin’ so . . . What’s the big deal here? Oh, unless of course you might be racist.

I’m just kidding conservative psychos, obviously they knew what they were doing, but THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO. It’s their property. The artist chose what he or she wanted to do and it WAS a beautiful piece of art.

You have the right to disagree with Obama’s administration, and you can act on that right by campaigning for Romney and voting for him in November. But infringing on another’s property? Vandalizing an artist’s awesomely vivid and current mural, that makes that drab, urine-scented alley way a bit more bearable, that’s un-American bro! DON’T TREAD ON ME. Stand outside the bar with Romney/Ryan signs if you really want. But how bout you grow up you nut jobs! Or you could paint a Romney mural at a country bar somewhere, blended with the likes of Hank Williams Jr

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