Who Covered it Better?

Foo Fighters & Cee Lo Green VS. The Roots & Maya Rudolph

Song: Darling Nikki by Prince

click to watch

Darling Nikki by Prince seems to be quite the fun song to cover, everyone from Rihanna to Foo Fighters has done it. Definitely a solid jam. Maya Rudolph & her friend Gretchen Lieberum love Prince so much, they have their own Prince cover band called Princess. Questo & the Roots crew are big fans too, so they accompanied Princess on an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently to cover Darling Nikki and it was quite awesome.

Foo Fighters loved Darling Nikki enough to record their own version of it, which rocks hard. Last year they played it at some festival, where Cee Lo was suppose to join them and sing lead, but he was running late so they started without him. They were almost done with the cover when Cee Lo finally arrived and hopped on stage, and started singing from the top again. I think the crowd was too drunk to even notice though. At least the nitwit who filmed it and put it on youtube was. That version is almost unwatchable thanks to the camera man. But the VMA version is pretty awesome. So who covered it best?


Rihanna and her dancers have absolutely no clue what the word subtle means. This is basically porn.

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