Jets Look Good

I normally don’t take joy (or at least admit in doing so) in the failure of others, but I’m LOVING this fat idiot’s team’s demise.

I dont dislike too many NFL teams, I respect them as athlete’s so much that I don’t really hate any teams. But the Jets deserve bashing. As much as possible. They haven’t done ANYTHING! in years. Nothin. Why are they so hyped/talked about? Its cuz Tubby here always runs his mouth, and can’t back it up. Everyone always blames Sanchez (racists). I blame this meathead. Get your shit together Rex. Now with their two best players, CB Darelle Revis AND another loud mouth WR Santonio Holmes, both done for the season, the Jets as a team are done for the season. And it makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Here’s what winners looks like.

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