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I was thinking the other day about how it’s tough for rap to keep any sort of good reputation with all the bullshit that’s being called rap on the radio. I feel like rap has a huge group of artists who don’t get nearly enough respect and should be considered pioneers and game-changers when it comes to the rap game. So this series of mini-blogs will put in my eyes, the most influential and/or controversial rappers that should truly define the genre. The order is purely random……

Unsung Heroes & Gamechangers in Rap: Volume 1

Like I said, this is in no particular order, but as I was writing this blog Jay Electronica came on, and I can’t help but think two words when it comes to Jay; unsung and genuine. He grew up in the famous Magnolia Projects in New Orleans, but left NOLA when he was 19 to pursue a rap career. He was a nomad, moving from place to place depending on where he could get shows, so he spent a solid chunk of time spread out throughout Philly, Detroit, Baltimore, New York, and Atlanta.

This is what defines Jay Electronica’s style, it’s a true blend of everything. He takes a bit of influence from each spot he was at. He’s known as a completely normal guy, known to frequently freestyle and smoke with fans. Oh, and Jay-Z signed him in 2010, so that means he gets some of the best producers in the game, including a couple of my favorites, J Dilla and Just Blaze. Best thing about Jay Electronica though?? He has a kid with Erykah Badu. BOOM! One of the best neo-soul artists of all time. Here are three of my Jay Electronica must-listens:

Note: “Dealing” beat was sampled from Al Green’s “Here I Am (Come and Take Me)”

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