I blame “the Man” i.e. the record companies and marketing execs for the decline of good rock music in the mainstream, but the bands in the following Shitlist share some of the blame, and must be stopped!

  • Seether – Get the fuck outta here. Bro’s feelin it at 0:50. . .


  • Finger Eleven – That damn paralyzed song is the type to successfully infiltrate your brain, and actually get stuck in your head. Its like psychological warfare. I wish it wasn’t such an awful song. They suck. Get the fuck outta here.
  • Hinder – Get the fuck outta here. THE WORST, by far, hands down. Oh sweet they have Get Stoned (Uncensored) on youtube!


  • Nickelback – How could we have a rock music shitlist without everyone’s favorite band of shit, Nickelback. The Shahs of Shit. The Kaisers of Crap. The Dons of Diarrhea. At least they make me laugh. Nickelback are totally those guys in high school that weren’t cool, but they talk about doin all the things the cool kids did in their songs to make up for it. Seriously, listen to the lyrics in photograph. Such humble brags all throughout. “…Criminal record says I broke in twice, I must’ve done in it half a dozen times…” Oh man this dude has a criminal record? How badass. Wow bro, we get it, you smoke weed and break into your high school. You are THE man. Can I please hang out with you? fuckin cananda.

Who’s on your Shitlist?

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